Playground Review – Weymouth Legion Field

 I have, in the past, reviewed local playgrounds. I always found it helpful to look back on. So, as I venture out– I’ll bring you as many playground reviews as I can. I’m always up for new playgrounds to check out- I’d love suggestions in the comments  area! 
I’ll sum it up legion field playground in one word- HOT. The playground has zero shade. It was about 73 degrees today when we went. We could only stay for about 20 minutes. The slides were too hot to use, swings were too hot to hold, a cool gadget similar to a hammock was scorching. Not the ideal playground for a warm day.  On a cooler day I think it would have been pretty enjoyable. We packed a lunch and ate lunch at a picnic table right outside the playground. There were 2 picnic tables inside the fenced in area but they were covered with lunch boxes, water bottles, bags, but… no people. That really grinds my gears!  I didn’t take too many pictures today, but here are a few!

Nice picnic area outside the playground gates

My crazy climber on the ‘big kid’ side! 🙀


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