Playground Review – Quincy – Wollaston Beach Playground

What a great spot! And the weather today was amazing! 

This playground is located on Quincy Shore Drive next to The Clam Box. If you’re not familiar with the area- Quincy Shore Drive is the road the runs along the beach. 

We parked along the beach in a (free) parking spot. During the summer months and weekends I’m assuming it will be harder to get parking, but today there were plenty of available spots. 

My kids loved this spot! There was a big kid area and an area designed for toddlers too. 

Here is the big kid structure:

And here is the toddler area:

There was plenty of shade, lots of picnic tables and grassy areas to sit and snack, also plenty of benches to sit and watch the kiddos, and a spot with 2 baby swings. 

We really enjoyed this playground. After we played… we headed back across the street to the beach and dug in the sand with our pails and shovels. The Clam Box is next door, too, making this a perfect “day out” spot if you wanted to grab lunch! 


  • Fenced in
  • Plenty of shade
  • Lots of places to sit for snacking 
  • Great location (near food & beach)
  • Well cared for climbing structures (all in good working order. One spot was missing a slide but it was safely boarded so it posed no risk to the children)


  • Parking could be an issue during summer months and/or weekends
  • On a busy main road (but there is a crosswalk right at the playground gate) 

Have you been here? Share with us what you think! Anything to add to the pro/con list? Any playground you’d like me to check out? 


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