Dinner Winner Plates … are they worth the price tag? 

Dinner in my house is…. fun! It’s always a power struggle of what my 3 kids will or won’t eat. One night my daughter LOVES spinach tortellini, the next time I make them she gags and absolutely refuses. It makes zero sense. Toddler children and their eating habits will never make sense to me. 

Enter— the (roughly) $20 dinner plate – dinner winner. Game changer! My older kids will eat (or try!) anything on this plate. 

They start at the beginning and eat their  way to the “finish” spot. Under the finish spot is usually a few m&ms, a chocolate coin or yogurt raisins.  While I swear by this plate for my 3&4 year olds – it’s not an everyday plate. We used it daily for a while and it lost its powers. I use it now when I have something new I’d like them to try, when they really want a treat after dinner (winner spot), or when we are all sitting around the table at the exact same time and I’d like them to spend a little time eating with us. 

Since I’ve discovered this plate, they have marketed similar styles. While I haven’t tried any others- I’m willing to bet they create similar positive eating experiences. 
In short- I highly recommend this plate. It gives the child control with a good variety of choices but also sets guidelines of completing a meal. Keep in mind- what and how much food goes in each spot will depend on how old the child is – and what their basic appetite calls for. The plate contents of my two children are quite different!  

PS. It’s dishwasher safe 🙌🏻


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