Playground Review – Kingston – Bailey Memorial Playground

I’m not usually in the Kingston area but figured I’d check this spot out while I was local. I put it in my GPS and it brought me to a side street and then expected me to jump over train tracks to get to my final destination. So, if you’re thinking about checking out Bailey Memorial Field be sure to enter through Landing Road. You’ll see this sign:

Once we found the playground- we unleashed the 5 crazies (I was with my 3 kids, my mom and my 2 nephews).  The first thing the kids all ran for was the steepest climbing structure leading to the biggest slide I’ve ever seen (ever!!)! While the kids were hesitant at first— the three bigger kids mastered the high climbing and fast sliding by the time we left.

The ‘babies’ (18 months & 19 months) loved the smaller climbing area and the free roam of the enclosed playground in general. They also loved when the train would pass by. They would stare, point and yell. 

Lots to love about this spot— here’s how I’ll sum it up!


  • Large enclosed space 
  • Lots of shade
  • Train passes close by
  • Variety of play options (balance beam, climbing jeep, rock wall, huge slides, plenty of swings, toddler space) 


  • No picnic tables
  • Difficult to find via GPS
  • Large climbing structure is BIG (could be a con for kids too big for the toddler section but not yet big enough for the huge slide)


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