“Oh, The Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Seuss – graduation gift 

This idea was floating around the internet when my son was around 2 and I knew I wanted to do it!  I just sent it in to preschool today which prompted this post.  My son is in his second (and final) year at a wonderful lab program where he has 2 main teachers and 10-12 high school “buddies”.  When I pulled out his book to send to school , I got so emotional over the notes from last year– written to my little itty bitty 3 year old! Time flies by so fast! 

The basic idea is you gift this book at graduation to your child. Throughout their years in school, you have teachers sign it and write words of encouragement. It’s basically a 12 year (or more if you start in daycare or preschool) yearbook.

I’m not so sure how I’ll actually get this book to my kids high school teachers when the time comes– something I’ll have to figure out in the next 8 years I guess! Has anyone done this? How did you approach high school teachers? For now it’s easy. I send it in his backpack with a note. He can’t read yet so I’m good until at least next year! 

So far so good with one kiddo in school–  I’ll let you know how I’m doing when I have to track down teachers when all three of my kids are in school! 

❤️ bbt 


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