My Playground Review – Foxboro – Payton Road Playground

Today we were in Foxboro at the weekly free story time & character meet and greet. If you haven’t heard about it- check it out! Free pizza, free story time and a free character meet and greet. It’s Tuesdays at 11, and characters are listed on the Showcase Cinema webpage.

While we were in Foxboro, we checked out the Payson Road playground. Although it didn’t have an address, I just put Payson Road into my GPS and got there in about 7 minutes. 

My kids love exploring new places. Our conversation today was:

Me- Anyone want to try a new playground down the street?

3 year old-  yeah!!!

4 1/2 year old- I hope it doesn’t suck 

So, mom win? Huge mom fail? Either way – my 4.5 year old decided when we left it was a fun playground and wants to go back. Win! 

The space is wide open– lots of room to run and play! A good thing so the kids can have some freedom, but a terrible thing when you’re solo watching 3 children under the age of 5. Lots of choices of activities, plenty of swings, and even a covered area with a few cozy coupes for the younger children. My favorite thing was the tractor! Overall- We liked this spot a lot! It’s perfect for toddlers! I’ll break it down below. 


  • Plenty of parking
  • Lots to do
  • Shaded areas
  • Clean, equipment in good working condition 
  • Seating for snacks or lunch (2 picnic tables and a few benches too)
  • Climbing structures were exciting but not terribly tall or dangerous
  • Has a porta potty


  • Hard to find (no real address listed)
  • Not fenced in 



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