Watson Park Splash Pad – Braintree

I’ve lived in Braintree for most of my life- and I’ve been raising children here for 5ish years now. Today, we ventured down to Watson Splash Pad for the FIRST time! 

My kids had a blast! There are some definite pros and cons- but overall not a bad little spot to cool down for a few hours! 

When we got there there was a lot of activity- but a mom I was talking to said it was fairly empty today! Yikes! As the afternoon went on- it filled up quick- with older kids. Once my youngest (21 months old) started getting knocked down… we knew our time was up and it was time to go! 


  • location (it’s in the town I live in)
  • Gated in (one way in- one way out)
  • Lifeguard on duty (pro in the sense that there is an extra set of eyes IF he was looking at anything other than his cell phone. Also a pro that he had a first aid kit BUT was out of bandaids. I felt more secure with him sitting outside the gate – but he didn’t actually do anything at all 🤷🏽‍♀️)
  • Benches to sit on inside the gated area
  • Porta potties available 
  • Playground next to splash pad (this could also be a con!)
  • The water rotates where it comes from (variety is the spice of life – I feel like it kept the kids entertained since it wasn’t always coming from the same places)
  • No button to press to reactivate the water spraying (my kids fight over who gets to press it at other splash pads – I can’t imagine the madness that would go on with 30+ kids trying to press a button!) 


  • No shade
  • Parking can be tricky (so I’ve heard. Apparently street parking and parking lot parking is for residents only. There is an additional lot for visitors that has a walking path to the splash pad).
  • Playground next to the splash pad (I also considered this a pro!) 

I’d definitely go back again. My kid are already asking!  And I can’t complain since all 3 kids are fast asleep and it’s 7:57 pm! 

❤️ bbt 

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