Playground Review- Union Point -Weymouth 

I visited Union Point playground a while back and loved it!!! It was shady, offset from the road, had tons of picnic tables and a covering over them too. It was near the dog park but far enough away to give my 3 year old comfort since she is a little uncomfortable with animals. It was great- one of the higher ranked playgrounds on my radar! 

But…. it moved! It’s now located closer to the front (entering from Weymouth). It’s close to a busier road, shares a fence with the dog park and now has ZERO shade. While it still has picnic tables – they are across the parking lot in 100% sun. Lucky for me- it was just a quick trip with my youngest to fill time before I picked up my older kids at camp. She seemed to enjoy it- aside from the 4 older kids just sitting in the only shady part of the whole climbing structure. (I don’t mind older kids using playgrounds, by the way. I do mind when they sit there, ignore toddlers, and refuse to move for said toddler to use a slide.) 

Check out my pros and cons below! 


  • Scavenger hunt (pictured above). My daughter enjoyed finding these items on little circular plaques throughout the playground structure. She is younger but still understood the concept of finding the matching animal or item!
  • Easy to find (it’s closer to the entrance of Union Point now, so it’s much easier to find!)
  • Has 4-5 tables 


  • No shade. Hot, hot, hot. We visited on a 80 degree day, it was hot. Occasionally a cool breeze would pass through and it was amazing! 
  • No shade on picnic tables (we tried sitting at them but the bench was too hot to sit on)
  • No baby swings
  • Shares a fence with the dog park (crazy I know that I’m listing this as a ‘con’. My middle child isn’t crazy about dogs. She wasn’t with us during this visit but I’m willing to bet she would not have been a fan of the dogs barking/playing (fighting)) 

Would I go back? Yes! Do I think it’s a cute, close by, smaller playground that could use some shade? Yes! Could I visit after the sun goes down and have a totally different opinion?! Absolutely!  I’ve heard rumor the location of the playground moving is only temporary, I’ll keep you posted! (Or please keep me posted if you have inside info!) 

❤️ bbt


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