Playground Review – Norfolk- Norfolk Community Park at Rockwood Road

Today I was meeting friends in Foxboro and asked my sister in law for a playground suggestion- which brought my college roommates and a whole lot of our kiddos to Norfolk Community Park!

I have very little to say EXCEPT this playground is AMAZING! Perfect for the little ones. Lots of fun stuff to do, plenty of safe places to climb. A "new age" merry-go-round, completely fenced in, huge sandbox, and lots of open space for running too. Literally, this place has everything.

My oldest (5yo) spent a lot of time on this 'train'.

My girls (3yo & 1yo) were intrigued by the huge sandbox and the open area hills to run!

And look at this awesome hidden bench inside this 'building'. This building has stairs and 1 ladder reaching a platform with 1 slide. I was completely comfortable allowing my 1 year old to explore this structure without me close by.

Bathrooms (porta potty) ✅
Fenced in ✅
Picnic tables ✅ (and they were low to the ground! Comfortable for adults to sit but also very safe for kids!)
Lots of swings ✅ (inclusion swing & baby swings too)
Open area to run ✅
Grassy area to lay infant on ground ✅
Kids who entertained themselves and ran around for almost 2 hours while mommy got to sit and chat with friends?! ✅ ✅

It's kind of far from my house. Obviously this is a subjective "con", and won't keep me away from coming back to visit this spot! 🤣🤷🏽‍♀️

Shoutout to my FSC gals for a fabulous day exploring the Foxboro area! And special shoutout to kristen for reading our minds and meeting us at the playground! 😜


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