How it costs me 20 cents to sleep in peace ðŸ˜´

How it costs me .20 cents per kid to sleep though the night. Alone!

I never wanted to share my bed with my kids. I wanted it to myself. I wanted my room to be my “zone” and a no kids allowed. Fast forward three kids later, and it isn’t working out that way.

My girls go to sleep great in their own beds. They share a few books, a giggle or two and off they go to bed in their own beds in their room. However, between 1am and 5am it’s inevitable that they appear snuggled up between my husband and I. Most of the time, we don’t even hear them come in!

My son is in the scared, “what’s that noise”, “can I lay with you tonight” stage. So, he falls asleep in our bed and we move him. Well, my husband moves him. He is too big for me to gently put in his lofted bed. Once in his bed, it’s great! He will stay there until morning.

So, how do I get everyone to go to bed in their bed? How do I get three little bodies to stay in bed? I have no idea. So, I asked my 5 year old. We talked about a sticker chart. We talked about special places we could go when we got a certain amount of stickers. Then, he mentioned that instead of stickers I could tape a quarter to his chart and then we could buy a special toy when he saved enough money. I had an “ah ha!” moment! Genius! 💡

I went to party city and got three small mason jars and drilled a long coin hole in the tops. It’s visual. The kids can see how much progress they are making. They can physically put a coin in the jar. A dime for going to sleep in their bed AND a dime for waking up in their own bed. My son suggested a quarter but I quickly vetoed that suggestion when I realized it could quickly add up to $1.50 per day to sleep alone!

So, wish us luck! Any similar bribery positive reinforcement that has worked well for you?

Disclaimer: I am not a professional. The tape is to smooth the edges of my jagged cut marks with a drill 🙈🤷🏽‍♀️


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