Ali’s Park of Eastondale

A quick pit stop on the way to the grocery store brought my youngest baby and I to Ali’s Park at 74 Pine Street in South Easton this morning. It’s tucked away neatly in a neighborhood but I had no trouble finding it.

A lot of the playground equipment was intriguing and new to Teagan, so she was running around like a crazy lady. Although it was perfect for an active two year old- I think my other 2 would love this one too!

This was, by far, her favorite! The “bumpy silly slide”.

She also loved this moving globe attraction! She was able to climb it and loved when I would turn it for her (like a merry go round).

I happened to stop by while a local mom group was meeting to play. One of the moms came over and introduced herself and was very welcoming, which was refreshing since that isn’t always the case at playgrounds!

This was overall a great spot! In addition to the playground equipment there was a covered area with picnic tables and a basketball court too. You could definitely pack a lunch, throw a bike in the trunk and spend the day here! Just pack sunblock if you want to use the swings- no shade and no trees near those! ☀️


P.S. I looked up “HASKD” and found this:

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