End of year gifts

Parents everywhere are crying because school is out! And teachers everywhere are drinking and celebrating because school is out!

End of year gifts are fun for me. I like to consider myself a creative person so it gives me an excuse to do something fun and different for the teachers. And who doesn’t love Pinterest?

Here is what I came up with this year for my sons kindergarten team!

I put graham crackers , marshmallows, and chocolate bars in a bucket and wrapped it in plastic wrap. Add a ribbon and tag- and done! For his two main teachers, I added a coffee gift card because teachers don’t have blood, I’m convinced they have coffee in their veins!

My daughter goes to a preschool program that allows high school students to teach lessons under the guidance of a certified high school/preschool teacher. It’s such a fabulous program! I ended up getting cute scented and named pocket size antibacterial lotion and added a cute tag for the high school “buddies”. My daughter also insisted we give all her preschool friends a tube of bubbles. My son was gifted bubbles last year from a friend and wouldn’t you know- my daughter didn’t forget that! Cute tag turned these bubble tubes into a quick end of year gift that most 4 year olds will enjoy! (Or dump out 25 seconds after opening them, but whatever!)

Happy summer my friends! ☀️


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