Quick pancakes 🥞 

A quick pancake recipe! So quick you might wonder if it’s actually considered cooking! 

Buy this….. add water. Shake. Add to greased pan and THAT’S IT! I swear!

I even served on paper plates so my only thing to clean was the pan and spatula! 

They had a bigger family size– but I didn’t buy it because I wanted to test it first. This one made 4 decent pancakes. The bigger one is on my shopping list and will be part of our weekend breakfast menu! The best part was my kids “helped” add water and “helped” shake it. 

Quick, easy, yummy, and no clean up! What’s not to love?! 


Playground Review – Kingston – Bailey Memorial Playground

I’m not usually in the Kingston area but figured I’d check this spot out while I was local. I put it in my GPS and it brought me to a side street and then expected me to jump over train tracks to get to my final destination. So, if you’re thinking about checking out Bailey Memorial Field be sure to enter through Landing Road. You’ll see this sign:

Once we found the playground- we unleashed the 5 crazies (I was with my 3 kids, my mom and my 2 nephews).  The first thing the kids all ran for was the steepest climbing structure leading to the biggest slide I’ve ever seen (ever!!)! While the kids were hesitant at first— the three bigger kids mastered the high climbing and fast sliding by the time we left.

The ‘babies’ (18 months & 19 months) loved the smaller climbing area and the free roam of the enclosed playground in general. They also loved when the train would pass by. They would stare, point and yell. 

Lots to love about this spot— here’s how I’ll sum it up!


  • Large enclosed space 
  • Lots of shade
  • Train passes close by
  • Variety of play options (balance beam, climbing jeep, rock wall, huge slides, plenty of swings, toddler space) 


  • No picnic tables
  • Difficult to find via GPS
  • Large climbing structure is BIG (could be a con for kids too big for the toddler section but not yet big enough for the huge slide)

Dinner Winner Plates … are they worth the price tag? 

Dinner in my house is…. fun! It’s always a power struggle of what my 3 kids will or won’t eat. One night my daughter LOVES spinach tortellini, the next time I make them she gags and absolutely refuses. It makes zero sense. Toddler children and their eating habits will never make sense to me. 

Enter— the (roughly) $20 dinner plate – dinner winner. Game changer! My older kids will eat (or try!) anything on this plate. 

They start at the beginning and eat their  way to the “finish” spot. Under the finish spot is usually a few m&ms, a chocolate coin or yogurt raisins.  While I swear by this plate for my 3&4 year olds – it’s not an everyday plate. We used it daily for a while and it lost its powers. I use it now when I have something new I’d like them to try, when they really want a treat after dinner (winner spot), or when we are all sitting around the table at the exact same time and I’d like them to spend a little time eating with us. 

Since I’ve discovered this plate, they have marketed similar styles. While I haven’t tried any others- I’m willing to bet they create similar positive eating experiences. 
In short- I highly recommend this plate. It gives the child control with a good variety of choices but also sets guidelines of completing a meal. Keep in mind- what and how much food goes in each spot will depend on how old the child is – and what their basic appetite calls for. The plate contents of my two children are quite different!  

PS. It’s dishwasher safe 🙌🏻

Playground Review – Quincy – Wollaston Beach Playground

What a great spot! And the weather today was amazing! 

This playground is located on Quincy Shore Drive next to The Clam Box. If you’re not familiar with the area- Quincy Shore Drive is the road the runs along the beach. 

We parked along the beach in a (free) parking spot. During the summer months and weekends I’m assuming it will be harder to get parking, but today there were plenty of available spots. 

My kids loved this spot! There was a big kid area and an area designed for toddlers too. 

Here is the big kid structure:

And here is the toddler area:

There was plenty of shade, lots of picnic tables and grassy areas to sit and snack, also plenty of benches to sit and watch the kiddos, and a spot with 2 baby swings. 

We really enjoyed this playground. After we played… we headed back across the street to the beach and dug in the sand with our pails and shovels. The Clam Box is next door, too, making this a perfect “day out” spot if you wanted to grab lunch! 


  • Fenced in
  • Plenty of shade
  • Lots of places to sit for snacking 
  • Great location (near food & beach)
  • Well cared for climbing structures (all in good working order. One spot was missing a slide but it was safely boarded so it posed no risk to the children)


  • Parking could be an issue during summer months and/or weekends
  • On a busy main road (but there is a crosswalk right at the playground gate) 

Have you been here? Share with us what you think! Anything to add to the pro/con list? Any playground you’d like me to check out? 

Playground Review – Weymouth Legion Field

 I have, in the past, reviewed local playgrounds. I always found it helpful to look back on. So, as I venture out– I’ll bring you as many playground reviews as I can. I’m always up for new playgrounds to check out- I’d love suggestions in the comments  area! 
I’ll sum it up legion field playground in one word- HOT. The playground has zero shade. It was about 73 degrees today when we went. We could only stay for about 20 minutes. The slides were too hot to use, swings were too hot to hold, a cool gadget similar to a hammock was scorching. Not the ideal playground for a warm day.  On a cooler day I think it would have been pretty enjoyable. We packed a lunch and ate lunch at a picnic table right outside the playground. There were 2 picnic tables inside the fenced in area but they were covered with lunch boxes, water bottles, bags, but… no people. That really grinds my gears!  I didn’t take too many pictures today, but here are a few!

Nice picnic area outside the playground gates

My crazy climber on the ‘big kid’ side! 🙀

Easter Basket Ideas

I tend to shop for holidays over the course of a few weeks. I pick up a little something here & there (usually stuff that I manage to sneak into the cart while my kids are distracted.) I was NOT thinking when I bought Easter baskets because they are big! So I try to get bigger stuff to take up room! And I also include stuff I would buy anyways (score!)

Ideas for Easter baskets….

  • Toothbrush (& toothpaste)
  • Play doh
  • New utensils / plates /cup 
  • Outside activities (bubbles, chalk, bat and ball, jump rope, bug kits (Dollar Tree has awesome ones this year), kickball, sand toys, beach pails/shovels, frisbee, balls)
  • Sunblock (boring but it’s so practical)
  • Bathing suit
  • Sunhat or baseball cap
  • Arts / craft supplies (dollar tree is great for this stuff!) google eyes, cotton balls, pipe cleaners, paper, coloring books, crayons, glue, markers, bingo dobbers, stamps, stickers, crafts kits, etc! 
  • Lollipops (ring pops are bulky 😉)
  • Socks
  • Book(s)
  • PJs (scored an awesome deal for matching ones!)
  • Jewelry (my 3 year old is obsessed)
  • Sunglasses
  • Flip flops
  • Blind bags (my 4 year old is totally sucked into these!)
  • Kinder surprise eggs 
  • Candy (obvious I guess)
  • Snacks (goldfish, Annie’s bunnies, fruit snacks, teddy grahams, pretzels, etc)

The possibilities are endless.  Feel free to leave additional suggestions in the comments! 👇🏼 happy Easter, friends! 

No Time in the Kitchen is More Like It…..

I have very little time to cook, as I mentioned, I have 3 kids. My oldest is 4, and my youngest is 18 months (tomorrow 😭)!  So I’m always on the lookout for quick easy and somewhat healthy recipes.  We had left over chicken breast from last nights dinner. Add it to this pesto pasta mix and dinner is done! 

Step one: remove from freezer 

Step two: add to pan with a little oil and heat.

Step three: reheat said chicken and serve with pesto pasta.

End result:

This magical freezer mix is from Trader Joe’s. I love TJs! And… only 7 points (weight watchers) for 1/3 of the bag! Score! 

Happy dining friends 🙂